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About us


The Nordic Leaves is a project that arises from the experience of living in the Nordic Countries and the beauty of their landscapes with the objective to return to the essence of nature.

We are part of nature and its noble materials are the best ones to take care of us.

We have created a collection completely sustainable, local and in collaboration with social projects that certify the organic origin of our garments and the wellness of those who manufactured them until the last detail.


Since a young age Cristina has been in contact with fashion, her mother worked as a tailor in well renowned brands, she sometimes sewed from home where Cristina established this special relationship. 

Growing up, she looked forward to travel around the world, in each place falling in love with unique fabrics that lead her to learn how to work with them. Around Sweden, she learned the importance of simplicity and elegance, from London, a creative and daring vision. Recently, she spent her days in the beautiful nature of Ireland, harmonizing with shapes and colors that translated into this collection.

Searching for a healthier lifestyle, more in tune with taking care of our world, she found a perfect fit for her creative impulse and she established this sustainable brand of nature-inspired clothing.

This Collection was made for women like her: practical, quality oriented, sensitive and with the hope for a more conscientious way of life. In particular, of watching her baby girl grow up in a loving environment that is getting more perspective about our resources and lifestyles.