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About us

The Nordic Leaves was born in 2018 by us, Cristina and Daniel. The project was incepted from the merge of 2 worlds. On one side Cristina’s history, when as a kid she was in contact with the fashion world through her mom who worked as a dressmaker for several brands and from this she learned how to express herself through what she was wearing. When growing up and starting to turn her attention to the wellness of those who surrounded her and our planet she developed in herself the idea of expressing the most important ideas through fashion. On the other side, the help of Daniel, passionate about innovation and new technologies that helped The Nordic Leaves to implement continuous improvements and broaden its horizons.

The brand concept is crossed by the enjoyment of nature and the appreciation of our resources, which helps us in our lifestyle to the joy of the things that really matter for us.

The inspiration for The Nordic Leaves was incepted in a trip, with sensations of the union with the Nordic landscapes in the Scandinavian countries that filled us of harmony and wellness within our environment. This brought us to create a brand that could make us feel that connection, and more importantly, that that would allow us to experiment that contribution towards a new way of thinking and acting. Being sustainable and transparent is our mantra.

Back in Spain we worked with small local manufacturers to design a capsule collection made of the highest organic cotton. In the search of natural, organic, local and recycled materials we have increased our collection with timeless designs that help us promote our practices.

The Nordic Leaves is aligned with nature rhythms and has the purpose, during its evolution, to get close to ourselves and to generate consciousness about what surrounds us, taking care of our body as well as the environment.